Saturday, July 29, 2006

Chan Dara...yummy and easy standard spot

Everyone needs a handful of restaurants that are part of their standard repertoire of places to eat out. Decent food, close to home, nice variety. For my bf and I, Chan Dara falls into that category. It is only down the street and their menu has a nice selection of inexpensive dishes as well as ones that are a little more interesting. We already had plans to do the Violet on Sunday thing for my bf's birthday but his actual birth date was on Thursday so we needed a to do something for dinner the night of his birthday. After a little contemplation, Chan Dara seemed like a nice choice.

I'm glad we went since we had a lovely time. We were both really hungry when we got to the restaurant and decided to split an order of the spring rolls. They were absolutely amazing, probably one of the best I have ever had. The rice vermicelli inside the roll was marinated in some sauce which gave it a very yummy flavor and the dipping sauce complemented the flavors very well. I was going to just get a salad, but decided to be a little more exciting and ordered the clay pot with clams. I love steamed clams and especially when they come in one of those clay pots. It makes me feel so earthy, like generations of people have been eating them this way. The sauce they were served in was just spicy enough for my taste and not too heavy. I also really enjoyed the bell peppers in the dish which went really well with the sauce. I wish the dish had been served with rice but luckily my bf got enough rice that he could share. I usually love the rice at Chan Dara since it is very chewy but it was actually a little too chewy on this occasion. I didn't mind too much though. Since we were celebrating a birthday I also got a super yummy mixed drink. I was being my typical indecisive self and couldn't decide what drink to order (their list is quite long). I finally decided on the lychee margarita. I love the Buddha Margarita from P.F.Changs, which is pretty much just a margarita with lychee. I was so excited when it came with a whole lychee in it!! It was super yum, I love the way the lychee flavor complements the lime and tequila of standard margarita. My bf got some beef dish which he said was very good. The food at Chan Dara isn't amazing but it is very good and all of the experiences I have had there have been quite enjoyable.

The Good: Nice ambiance, close to home, good food choices, nice variety on menu, yummy mixed drinks

The Bad: once I got the tempura and it was yucky...but who order's tempura at a thai place...silly me!

The Yummy: spring rolls, clam pot, stir frys, catfish


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