Wednesday, May 10, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been very busy lately with work and school and haven't had any time to get out and about to any new and exciting places to eat. Oh well, at least there are plenty of yummy fast foods and snacks for me to enjoy. Here is just a short little list of some of my favorite quick, easy, and super tastey foods:

  • Amy's meals - If you haven't tried any of the Amy's brand prepared foods you are really missing out on some super yummy, quick and easy, (supposedly) good for you food. My favorite items are the soups and Indian microwave meals. I almost went crazy when I had to live without a microwave for about 2 months last year and I could have my Amy's Palak Paneer meal! Her soups are thick and full of flavor, especially the fire-roasted southwestern vegetable. The vegetable bean chili is just spicy enough and full of yummy beans and doesn’t have any TVP. I also love to bring the roasted veggie pocket for lunch at work. Its full of roasted artichokes, peppers, and mushrooms and the sauce has a slight Asian taste to it. While cooking in the microwave, the corners of the pocket get really crispy, which is actually really good. All the ingredients are organic and made with whole wheat, so even though it is prepared microwave food, it is still somewhat healthy and absolutely delicious. (
  • Trader Joe's Papadums, tandori marsala flavor - hehe...I debated about putting this on my list, since my Trader Joe's already has a hard time keeping these on the shelves, but they are so yummy my list wouldn't be complete without them. Papadums are little chips made of favabean flour and coated with Indian spices. I’m not sure if they are baked or lightly fried, but there are fairly low fat (5 g per serving) and the serving size is very large (22 chips!) so I consider it to be somewhat healthy. Of course they are so good, it is hard to stop at one serving. They also come in a yogurt dill flavor, which I have yet to try. Its always left on the selves after all the tandori marsala bags are gone. I’m not a huge fan of dill but I might just have try them one of these days.
  • Wahoo's - mmmm....Wahoo's is definitely my favorite 'fast food' place, probably the only one that I visit on a regular basis. I find nothing can beat the quality of the food for such a cheep price. My boyfriend and I can eat there for about $8.00, which is less than if we had bought stuff at the grocery store. I always get the same thing: one flame-broiled fish taco a la cart. The fish is very fresh and moist with a nice flavor. They don't put any weird white sauce on it, just some cabbage, salsa and a little cheese. I like when I go with my boyfriend since he always get some beans and rice which he so nicely shares with me. I don't know what they do to season their rice, but it is so good. It is just very simple white rice but it is so tasty and it sops up the black bean so well. There shrimp taco's are good as well. One of these days I’m going to try a fish enchilada. Yeee! (
  • Wallaby's Vanilla Bean Yogurt - I love yogurt. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always enjoyed yogurt for breakfast, lunch, or just a snack. Back in the day, my fave was the Yoplait custard style strawberry and blueberry flavors. Nowadays, I usually get either Stonyfield farm or Wallaby's brand and the flavors I like best are vanilla and maple. I had never heard of Wallaby's until I moved out to California and I think it is only sold in health food stores (I’ve seen it at Santa Monica Co-op and Mother's) but it is definitely worth the price and a special trip. My favorite flavor atm is their vanilla bean. It actually had little flecks of vanilla in it and a soft vanilla flavor which counters the tangy yogurt flavor very nicely. I think I will try this type in my next frozen yogurt attempt (which hopefully will be this Sunday.) (


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