Monday, May 22, 2006

Above&Beyond at Spundae!!!

Yay...there are few things in life as good as food...and one of them is listening to Above&Beyond spin live!! I had a very boring food weekend (the most exciting thing I ate was an Amy's burrito) but that's okay since I got to meet Tony and Jono, two of three members from Above&Beyond. They are always so sweet to their fans.
Their set was amazing, as always, and I danced my heart out while they were spinning. I absolutely love their new album, Tri-State. Check out my tee-shirt, I didn't realize that I was so naturally skilled in writing in puffy paint! Yeee...too bad puffy paint is llike sooo 15 years ago!
I also got to meet all three members last Decemeber...and I also made a tee shirt then too! Hehe...check out me stealing a kiss from Paavo! Muah!


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