Saturday, September 16, 2006

Japanese Candy: Green Tea and Azuki Bean Kit Kats

I love azuki beans. I don’t know what it is about these beans that tastes so yummy as a sweetened paste, but I must say that it is one of my favorite flavors. I especially enjoy an pan and any kind of frozen treat featuring these yummy beans. One day I was surfing around on the net and I came across azukibean flavored kit kats from Japan. Panic immediately surged through my body. I had to try to these kit kats. What was I to do, since they were only available in Japan? Luckily in a quick search, I found them for auction on ebay, with a ‘buy it now’ option (since I have like no competitive spirit, and have been much disappointed in the past loosing auction, the ‘buy it now’ is like a god-send for me). I immediately clicked the button and before I really new what was going on, I bought a $4 kit kat from Japan, well technically $7.00 when you include the shipping. I giggled at the silliness of the whole ordeal. The seller actually offered like 19 different kit kats from Japan, and would combine orders for cheaper shipping. After looking through all the other flavors, I couldn’t resist getting a bag of the green tea flavored ones as well.I was so excited when these came in the mail. I first tried one of the green tea flavored ones, since the bad included 8 fun sized pieces (the azukibean was just one regular sized bar). I was surprised at how good it was. I have had green tea candies on a couple occasions and haven’t been too thrilled with the flavor, but the green tea kit kat absolutely changed my opinion about green tea candy. The flavor was pronounced but not too strong with just the right balance of sweet and bitter. The coating had a creamy almost buttery undertone which was quite pleasant. The flavor went perfect with the wafer which I found much lighter than American kit kats. The coating was a little soft so when I brought some over to my bfs for him to try, we put a couple in the freezer. They were even better that way and made a nice cool treat to have for a weekday dessert. I was so excited when I saw a post on candy blog about them and read that Cybele purchased them at the Mitsuwa in Little Tokyo. I enjoyed these so much that the next weekend I drove to downtown and pickup myself up another bag, super yum!It was a few days later when I tried the azukibean flavor. I was a little surprised that the box actually contained two individually wraped pairs of kit kat pieces rather than just 4 pieces all together. I wish the ones over here came like that. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed by the flavor of these as I was with the green tea flavor. The coating was super sweet, and while tasty, didn’t really have much of an azukibean flavor. My bf, who doesn’t like azukibean at all, actually enjoyed it and agreed that it didn’t really remind him of azukibeans. While it was good, I was very disappointed, since I really wanted the azuki flavor. Oh well, it was still a lot of fun to try something so random. I actually put in another order for a couple more flavors of kit kats to try…can’t wait to post about them!


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