Friday, November 03, 2006

Japanese Kit Kats II - An Nin & Uji-Kintoki Milk

I enjoyed my Japanese kit kat experience so much last time that I bought some more from the same guy on ebay. While I have to admit that getting candy off of ebay does seem a little weird to me, it is also a lot of fun. It is great getting to try special edition flavors from the other side of the world. This time I ordered a regular size An Nin Dessert Kit Kat bar and a bag of Uji-Kintoki Milk Mini kit kats.

The An Nin Dessert Kit Kat was absolutely amazing, probably my favorite so far. An Nin Dofu is a sweet-almond-tofu dessert that is eating in China. The taste was definitely very sweet but also very complex. The flavor is a little hard to describe accurately and it kept changing making want to take more and more bites. At first it tasted almost like bubble gum, but definitely more tart. The almond flavor reminded me of the spritz cookies my mom used to bake made with almond extract. I really love the texture of the "chocolate" in the Japanese kit kats. Its much smoother and creamier than the American variety and the wafer is much lighter too. My boyfriend really enjoyed this flavor. He said that it reminded him of something from when he was little, maybe it was spritz cookies as well. As with all the other Japanese kit kats I've had, it tasted best when chilled. The blue box packaging is so pretty! I really love how the regular sized bars come with two individually wrapped pieces.

The other bag bag of Uji-Kintoki Milk Mini kit kats are supposed to be Kakigori, a dessert consisting of shaved ice topped with sweet azuki beans , green tea and milk. While this variety sound very complicated, these kit kats tasted exactly like the regular green tea flavor. The only difference was that the creme between the wafers was red and not green. I guess that is supposed to be azuki bean, but it didn't change the flavor at all.Since I really enjoyed the machakats it is not a bad thing that they tasted the same. However since I could have just bought a bag of the regular green tea flavor from Mitsuwa for about half the price, its seems kind of silly to have bought them off of ebay. Oh well, I still enjoyed them very much and the bag is much prettier (its all about the packaging ^_^). Hmmm...I wonder what new fall flavors they have...


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