Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bye Bye South Beach...nice visit (well not really)

Well...two days in and I already fell off the bandwagon. It was an interesting experiment but just a little too tough for me. The first day was not too bad; actually I wasn't hungry most of the day and didn't really feel like I was missing anything. By the end of the day though I had almost no energy and went to bed early. Tuesday morning I woke up starving and was so weak I could barely pull myself out of bed. I started my morning off with a scoop of peanut butter just to give me the strength to make a pot of coffee. After my mushroom and spinach omelet I was feeling pretty good and spent much of the afternoon giving a friend a walking tour of Santa Monica with no problems. Then came the downfall...I got home around 4PM and was starving. My head was spinning and I felt quite faint. Not sure what to do, I started shoving various protein and veggie items into my mouth but nothing seemed to take away my symptoms. All I could do was just mope lying on the couch. I couldn't even muster up enough energy to read. The rest of the evening was shot. While tasty, dinner was quite unfulfilling and nothing could seem to pull me out of my funk. My bf fell asleep at 9PM but I was in such pain I couldn't even sleep. Finally around 10:30 I went to bed and had crazy dreams all about food. I had such hunger pains that I actually got out of bed in the middle of the night and ate peanut butter and string cheese from the fridge. Now that is not normal behavior.

While for some people I believe that the South Beach Diet might be a great way to lose a few pounds. My parents did it and seemed to be okay. I think I am going to skip to a more phase 2 like plan. Whether it is because I am almost vegetarian, don't have a lot of weight to lose, or some other reason, a lower carbohydrate does not suit my body chemistry.

Anyways...on a happier note I am super excited because after months of searching I finally got a job! Among many other things, one of the reasons I am so excited is that I get to start making myself bentos!! Yay! I bought a few super cute bento boxes in Japan and can't wait to put them to some good use. Look forward to some fun and excitng bento box posts!