Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Super Update

Okay, so I have been a lazy bum...Since class and interviews have been over for a while I don't even have a good excuse for not posting other than I haven't gotten around to it. Well, I also haven't really made any thing worth posting about recently which is only another example of why I have been a lazy bum. But that's okay, if we fall down we can just get up again so cheers to a new year of blog posts,wahoo!! Anyway, before I get started on anything new I just wanted to do a quick recap of exciting foodie events since my last post.

Thanksgiving: My friend Dan invited Dave and me up to his house in Santa Barbara. OMG, they have such a beautiful view from their backyard and we all watched the sun set into the ocean. It was truly stunning. The food wasdelich , Dan is a great cook. My favorite was a simple dish he made with roasted beets, goat cheese and toasted walnuts. Since it was also my birthday I made a Pumpkin Cheese"birthday"cake using recipe I found in Cooking Light. It was super simple and turned out great. The texture was nice and creamy and it had a great pumpkin flavor. It was hard to believe that it was low fat. I would definitely make it again. My friendUlea made her amazing Tiramisu which was super yumm . While I definitely missed some of the traditional dishes I share with my family (especially since my mom does a stunning Thanksgiving spread), it was a fun day with lot of great food and great friends.

Birthday Dinner: Since my birthday fell on Thanksgiving technically the post above would be my "birthday dinner", but the next night, Dave took me to this Japanese restaurant that I have been dying to try called Kiriko. It's located on Sawtelle in that area which has become like a new Little Tokyo (maybe Little Osaka or something...). Kiriko was a lot smaller than I had imagined, but very cute and cozy. Dave and I had a little table next to the window which was nice andromatical. The menu was a little challenging since I didn't really recognize any of the dishes. It was probably the most Japanese place I have been to. We started off with a couple pieces of sushi which were excellent. I would come back here just for the sushi. Dave ordered 白身魚のカルパッチョ(White fish carpacchio) which is described on the menu as "Thin sliced white fish of the day on top of Julienne vegetables." It was definitely not what we expected. The dish was served cold and the fish was served raw and sliced very thin. It was stunningly plated with a the red vegetables making a flower like image on top of the fish (I think Dave took a pic, I'll have to get it from him). It had a strong lemon flavor which Dave didn't like. I thought the flavor was rather interesting, complex, and quite enjoyable even though I'm not a huge fan of lemon either. For my dish, I ordered 梅紫蘇しらすパスタサラダ (Ume shiso shirasu pasta salad, Chilled Angel hair with arugula, sour plum and daikon radish and Shirasu (boiled baby sardine) fish). This dish was actually warmer than than Dave's. I was a little nervous about the sardines but they were actually really good. They were white and stringy and the flavor kind of reminded me of crab. It had a light dressing, which pulled together the sourness of the plum and peppery arugula perfectly. While I really enjoyed the experience at Kiriko and thought it was a lot of fun I think it was just a bit out of Dave's comfort zone.

Christmas: I spent Christmas in Vegas with my family. It was a lot of fun but I found the food in Vegas to be overpriced and not overly impressive. My favorite place by far was Mon Ami Gabi, which was a little french Bistro in the Paris casino. It had an awesome location right across from the Bellagio, and made the best drink, an amazing pomegranate martini. On our first full day in Vegas, my family and I stopped in there for an early afternoon cocktail and a little bite to eat. We split a cheese plate which featured 3 different kinds of cheese plus apple slices and toasted walnuts. It was super yum and went great with the mini baguettes the restaurant provided. My family enjoyed our experience there so much that we made reservations to come back for a mid afternoon lunch on Christmas day. The weather on Christmas was just beautiful and we managed to get a table outside so could we could enjoy the sun and watch the Bellagio fountain show across the street. The food was very good but not super memorable (I had seared tuna nicoise salad). We also had dinner off the strip at a place called Rosemary's which was really nice and had the Christmas Buffet at the Mirage. My family and I had a fabulous time and the highlight of the trip was with out a doubt getting to watch the Cirque Du Soliel production LOVE. Thanks mom for setting us this wonderful trip!!

My future goals include dining at Josie's and also attempting to make some pumpkin diafuku. Yum!!